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Lafayette Mural Aug 2016

Several years ago I installed the hall mural in the Lafayette house in Old Town Alexandria. It is a Zuber reproduction mural of views of North America. This past week, Kathy Orton, wrote up a great article in the Washington Post about the house, its’ history and how you can now buy it for $6.8 million dollars.  In October, 1824, Marquis de Lafayette visited Alexandria and lived in this house.

Color in wallpaper

Wallpaper has now jumped into the adult coloring mania. Makes sense given the popularity coloring as a hobby or stress reducing exercise has achieved with adults. On Amazon, five of the top ten best sellers are adult coloring books.

Are you ready to color your walls?

I have had the honor to work at the DAR Museum over the years. This year I installed recreated wallpaper that was hand-painted and gilded. You can see the framed panels containing the original wallpaper from the 18th century. This wallpaper was found in homes of wealthy early Americans in Colonial America.  If/when you are in Washington, DC, take a tour of the museum. It has a fantastic collection of American furnishings and decoration, a real gem of a museum.