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JulieK Accent Wall

Wallpaper can be a time machine to fashion and culture. Recently, I installed this Majia Isola’s classic poppy design. It is one of Marimekko‘s most famous and popular patterns, unikko (poppy in Japanese).  What a throwback to the 60s! And it looks great in a young teenager’s room.


Coming out of the #Blizzard2016, I got a fun assignment to install a National Geographic wall map at the New York Times offices in DC. During the installation the reporters came up to tell us where all the news hot spots were that day.

This is a simple world map but in an office setting, it provides a great place to gather and talk about travels, news and politics. Murals like these make great accent walls.

Last week I had an interesting installation …


My client moved into a new home. It had an odd space that showcased a beautiful sculpture but the wall behind the art was a mirrored wall 12 ft by 6.5 ft. When you looked at the artwork, your reflection distracted you from enjoying the sculpture. It had to be fixed.


The interior designer came up with a clever solution. Cover the ugly 1970s floor to ceiling mirror with an incredible modern tromp l’oeil concrete wallpaper. The wallpaper is a digital replication of concrete. Now the focus is back on the art. Like the lighting, the wall serves to frame the artwork. Below is a picture of the wallpaper from the manufacturer.

Interesting Wallpapers

If you are looking for very interesting wallpapers to highlight an accent wall or solve a space problem, take a look at these wallpapers from NLXL.

If you have questions about using wallpaper or you want to know more about ordering your wallpaper, email or call me.