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This week I’m installing wallpaper in a Federal style house in the Piedmont region of Virginia!!

The Carlyle House, Alexandria, VA

Another beautiful historic home/museum to visit is the Carlyle House in Alexandria, Virginia. I had the opportunity to install historic recreated wallpaper by Adelphi Paperhangings in several of the rooms. Matthew Mosca‘s years of dedication and research brought the home back to it’s colonial American glory.

This home is special and an architectural gem. It was an honor to work on this house. The Carlyle House is a rare pre-Revolutionary Georgian house. It is on the National Register of Historic Places and has the distinction of being the only 18th-century Palladian-style stone house in Alexandria. The original nails, plaster and stone used to construct the house over 250 years ago are still visible in the house.

The wallpaper is hand trimmed and installed in the 18th-century methods with overlapped seams and edging borders.

Special thanks to the Carlyle House and Sarah Coster for sharing their photos to make the video.

The Washington Post did a story on my work with wallpaper in their First Person Singular column in the Lifestyle section. I’m “old-school” and proud of it!!