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You would be surprised how often wallpaper is hung upside down. This can happen on chairs, with drapes, anywhere there is a printed pattern. If you don’t know the artist’s intention, some patterns are hard to discern what’s up and what’s down.

A story … a client installed a beautiful custom wallpaper in her dining room. When the drapes arrived, what was up on the wall, was down on the drapes. The upholster had made the drapes with the pattern upside down, opposite to the pattern on the walls. Or, did the paperhanger install the paper upside down? What a dilemma!

The only way to decide up from down, right from wrong, was to go back to the artist. Turns out the paperhanger was right because he asked the designer to verify the proper direction of the pattern before the install.

Lesson learned – always verify the pattern before installation. Take a look at the two pictures below of a beautiful wallpaper from Farrow & Ball. How would you install the pattern? Down or up? The answer is in the comments below.

This week I have the awesome opportunity to work on the restoration of Montpelier. The project is part of the $1.5 million second phase to restore the Madison home to the way it would have looked when James and Dolley Madison retired from Washington after his presidency ended in 1817.

I am working installing paper in James Madison’s Study/Office. Montpelier staff and officials spent months researching what type of wallpaper to put in the room. More photos and video to come soon!

Today I’m working in Bethesda, Maryland with a beautiful Farrow & Ball paper. A perfect fit in a bright, open dining room. Sometimes, especially in the winter, we need a Tapetenwechsel. A what? Tapetenwechsel means “wallpaper change” in German. It’s an everyday expression for needing a change of scenery, change of color or change of space.

Here is my version of Tapetenwechsel:

Powder Room or Bath Room Wallpaper Makeover Special

$249 on six (6) rolls or less*

$295 for six (6) – eight (8) rolls*

Email or call me to arrange for your Summer Special. Looking forward to talking with you.

*Special available until March 15, 2012