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Van Gogh Almond Blossom Mural

Recently, I installed this Van Gogh Almond Blossom painting as a wall mural in a master bedroom in an Alexandria townhouse. The result was amazing. My client ordered it from Sweden. It was custom printed and sized for the wall. And it was very affordable. This is another accent wall option for you.

One piece of advice when ordering a wall mural like this … don’t opt for a mirror image. Everything gets flipped and it will not look like what you saw on the manufacturer’s web site. If you do want a mirror image, because of where you want to install the mural, i.e., around lightening fixtures or furniture placement, be sure to carefully measure. You can also call me and I can help you engineer this.

I’ve been hanging murals and wallpaper for years and I can’t tell you how impressed this new printing technology is. It’s like being able to hire any of the world’s greatest artists to paint a masterpiece in your home.  The quality is really tremendous.


Better Homes and Gardens predicted 2014 would bring a trend in accent walls.  I’m certainly seeing it in the Washington, DC region with wallpaper. In the past three months, I’ve had a multitude of calls, texts and emails asking about wallpaper installation for accent walls in all kinds of rooms.

Accent walls make drama. They can highlight architectural elements and focal points. They can also make small spaces dramatic and interesting. You can use paint or wallpaper. I recently did a huge rose pattern paper in a small powder room. It really works!  Like screen dividers, papering an accent wall lets you have an affair, not a marriage, with wallpaper.  You can make a bold statement with wallpaper without worrying about over-committing!

Great post by Fast Company’s CoDesign channel today about designer Claire Rosen’s photo essay, Birds of a Feather. She photographed exotic birds in front of matching wallpaper. Rosen used wallpaper from Waterhouse Wallhangings.

Do you think this wallpaper goes with my feathers?

Slate magazine also ran a story about Rosen’s photo show. Each parrot was matched with a wallpaper not just to reflect its plumage palette, but also to bring out what Rosen thought of as the bird’s personality. Rosen’s claims her feathered subjects practically mugged for the camera. Have to agree with that!

Everybody loves wallpaper!