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Scenic wallpapers, popular for centuries, continue to grace the walls of dining rooms, hallways, master bedrooms and other rooms. Chinoiserie-inspired patterns are very popular today. Here’s a slide show of beautiful wallpaper examples in a variety of rooms.

Above is a Chinese mural I installed in a traditional dining room. We are moving back to 19th century-like wallpaper because it is less expensive to make uncoated papers. Laser cut acrylic blocks make block printing possible. Also, American manufacturers are struggling to keep inventory. Our European friends seem not to have the same inventory problem and their papers are cheaper to produce. How does this impact you? When you select a wallpaper, always ask: does the paper need to be trimmed? Is it water sensitive? Where is it made? This information will help you decide who you want to install the wallpaper.

Wallpaper Ceilings

Look up. See white?

If yes, you are missing a huge opportunity to make a bold statement for minimal effort. The Victorians understood that the ceiling was as important as the walls and floor. A ceiling is a blank canvas framed by the walls. Leaving it white is a waste of the room’s decorative potential. Here’s why:

1. Ceilings have a decorative function; they literally can raise the roof. Decorated ceilings can lift a room’s perceived height.

2. Like a carpet, a decorated ceiling can pull together all decorative elements (furniture, painting, window treatments, etc.).

3. It can be a high impact-low cost strategy to decorate a room.

To wallpaper a ceiling you use less than one-third of the wallpaper needed to cover the walls. Mixing and matching striped wallpaper for borders is a way to define various fields of color within the room without the cost of decorative paint. Above is a Victorian wallpapered ceiling. Take a decorating tip from the Victorians and raise the ceilings in your home.

Don’t forget to look up!

Batman superhero

Looking to go a bit crazy decorating a family room or entertainment room? Check out Wallsauce.com, a wallpaper company in the UK who has launched an Entertainment & Gaming series of Superhero, Comic or Movie wall murals. This site also offers custom murals where you can use your own images.

You can DIY these murals. There are extensive instructions available on the web site if you want to give it a try. On the other hand, considering the cost of the mural plus shipping from the UK, you may want a professional install on these murals.

Have fun browsing all the options to treat a wall!