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No, I’m not talking about the movie set of Fried Green Tomatoes. What got me thinking about fried green tomatoes was the end of summer and how delicious green tomatoes are. That got me thinking about wallpaper (my mind doesn’t stray too far from work:) inspired from the natural world – plants, vegetables, animals. Here are some great examples of nature inspired wallpaper.


This is a William Morris paper on an accent wall.

MORRIS: WALLPAPER, 1875. William Morris 'Acanthus' wallpaper, 1875.

I’ve installed this William Morris paper in powder rooms. It’s a great background for paintings, artwork.

morris fruit

Pomegranates never get old. This classic design is found in dining rooms and hallways. It just feels luscious!

muralInstall small

Recently I installed a beautiful mural in a small powder room. Murals can make small spaces like a powder room seem huge and incredibly interesting! This particular mural is from Fromental’s collection.

Fromental paper is gorgeous but their papers are different in construction from most everyday wallpapers. Installation can be tricky so following the manufacturer’s instructions is critical.

As a wallpaper aficionado, I love all kinds of paper. This video of Li Hongbo’s paper sculptures will blow you away. Incredible art!