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Wallpaper and Weddings in Georgetown (DC)

Dumbarton House Front Parlor

Several times a year I get the opportunity to work in historic houses. Many of these houses, to support themselves, are used for private events like weddings. Here is a room I wallpapered at Dumbarton House in Georgetown (DC). The Front Parlor has an English-style wallpaper treatment. If you’re a Dolly Madison or a Jane Austen fan, this is a perfect setting for weddings. The video to the right is actually me working in the Front Parlor. The photo above shows you the final results.

The wallpaper is from Adelphi Wallpaper and was commissioned especially for Dumbarton from historic patterns. The use of the borders is really interesting because it helps make the trim elements stand out – fireplace, woodwork. All the colors used to make the inks are from natural pigments which creates a warmth and lightness in the room. American domestic interior at it’s best.