Rory Shields with his dad, Patrick Shields
circa 2001

We are a family owned business. Shields Wallpaper & Mural Installations has been serving the Washington, DC metro area for more than 40 years. Established by my father, Patrick Shields, in the late 1970’s, he began working in private homes and then expanded to include historic restoration and museum projects.

Some of Patrick’s historic wallpaper projects include President James Madison’s Montpelier, the William Paca House in Annapolis, the Dumbarton House in Georgetown, Ford’s Theatre in Washington, DC., DAR Museum in DC and many, many others.

My Dad (Patrick) would bring me along on these projects as a kid. He taught me the love of history but also the impact wallpaper has to make spaces and homes beautiful. Patrick passed away in early 2020, after an intense battle with cancer. I’m proud to continue his legacy. I apprenticed with my dad for many years and have transitioned his old world know-how into our new digital world. My family continues to run business operations throughout the DC metro area.

Some of you may know me (Rory Shields) as the other half of the Shields Brothers.  We were on Season 2 of NBC’s The Voice on Team Ceelo. We are a close harmony rock duo. You may also have listened to our podcast, Who Stole What