Below are frequent questions we get about wallpaper and mural  installations, install estimates, quotes and installation agreements. Questions about custom murals, please call or text (+1-202-744-2890) or email.

Does this estimate include all costs, or could this change under any circumstances?

Estimate for labor includes all costs unless problems arise from inadequate wall preparation. Parking for one work truck is required. If parking fees are incurred, client to reimburse.

Since I’m not an expert in paper hanging, could you explain why the extra adhesive is necessary if I am using the pre-pasted paper?

When installing pre-pasted wallpaper, we require the use of pre-pasted activator. It is far less messy than dipping paper into water and keeps your floors, carpets and walls from damage.

Do you have general liability insurance?

Yes, we carry general liability insurance.

Do you have something to cover and protect the floor or should I prep the area ahead of time?

We use drop clothes, rubber mats and water-proof runners. Please see our Customer Preparation Guidelines.

What is your criteria for a properly installed paper/what is your guarantee?

We guarantee installations for one-year. Problems related to the efficacy of the wallpaper or mural, wall integrity, leaks, accidents, etc. are not covered.

How do you schedule projects?

We schedule based on:

  • client with wallpaper in hand and verified that it is without defect and is what was ordered, and
  • deposit received (50% labor + 100% materials if needed)

We can usually get to a project within 8-10 business days, oftentimes sooner, once those conditions are met.

Do you accept checks? credit cards?

Installation agreement is 50% deposit to schedule and balance due on day of completion. Checks are accepted. We only accept credit card payments through PayPal or Venmo (owned by PayPal). If you’d like to use PayPal or Venmo, and you use a credit card, fees will be added to the final invoice. There are no fees involved with a bank transfer.