Air Vents & Switch Plates: Hiding In Plain Sight #2

Whether you’re trying to hide a switch plate or convert your very obvious air vent into a creative talking piece, wallpaper can do it. Last week our client was not happy with the large kitchen air vent and wanted the vent covered with wallpaper. Here’s the result:

In the pictures below, can you see what is being hidden in plain sight?

The first is a damask paper on the walls in a dining room in an older home in Washington, DC. This dining room had several pantries for dishes, crystal, etc. Covering the doors of the pantries creates the illusion of uninterrupted wall space.

The second and third pictures hide light switches. The second photo is in a bedroom and the third is in a butler’s pantry. Remember wallpaper can offer clever solutions to awkward fixtures and room insets.

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