Betsy Ross: America’s First Lady of Interior Design

American Flag

This week we’re celebrating the 4th of July with red, white and blue parties, parades and fireworks. It’s only right that we acknowledge the legacy left by Betsy Ross. But not just for the American flag.

Betsy Ross is really America’s First Lady of interior design. How so? Well, upon closer scrutiny you’ll find that she  …

  • was a serious networker in her community. Her pew was next to George Washington’s pew at Christ Church in Philadelphia. Who else would they turn to whip up a fancy flag in a hurry?
  • owned her own upholstery company, which in the 18th century, was the equivalent of an interior designer today. She had drapery makers, furniture upholsterers, paper hangers and painters working for her.
  • brought many of her immediate family into the business with her as it grew.
  • all through her career she had it all (many times over) – three husbands and seven children

So when you go to salute the American flag on Thursday, remember that it was a woman interior designer who made it possible!