Your Ceiling Is an Accent Wall

Look up. See white?

If you only see white, you are missing a huge opportunity to make a bold statement for minimal effort. A ceiling is a blank canvas framed by the walls. Leaving it white is a waste of the room’s decorative and creative potential. Here’s why:

1. Ceilings have a decorative function; they literally can raise the roof. Decorated ceilings can lift a room’s perceived height.

2. Like a carpet, a decorated ceiling can pull together all decorative elements (furniture, painting, window treatments, etc.).

3. It can be a high impact-low cost strategy to decorate a room.

4. A ceiling mural can be a great way to inspire children’s play, turning a child’s room into a fantasy world of creativity and imagination.

To wallpaper a ceiling you use less than one-third of the wallpaper needed to cover the walls. Mixing and matching striped wallpaper for borders is a way to define various fields of color within the room without the cost of decorative paint. Above is a constellation mural we recently installed in a boys room in Maryland.

Maybe now’s the time to look up and raise the ceilings in your home.