Computer Generated vs Hand Painted Wallpaper


Computer Generated Wallpaper

Wallpaper manufacturers like Zoffany now have the ability to bring you fabulous classical designs via computer generated printing methods. They can replicate great designs like 18th century Chinoiserie scenics or a classical Swedish 18th century design like the photo above. By using modern printing techniques and rich opaque pigments Zoffany can display authentic textures of natural wood and rough. These papers are far more affordable thanks to technology advances over the past ten years. I install papers like this several times a month.

Hand-painted Wallpapers

de Gorunay and others still produce hand-painted, custom scenics. An artist creates the design for your specific space, using the colors you select and further customization you would like. Then the design is hand-painted (most likely in Asia) and then shipped to you to be installed. I install hand-painted papers several times a year.


Computer-Generated vs. Hand Painted?

What’s the difference between the two wallpapers? Besides the cost and the customization, the designs and the art technique are the same. Installation-wise there is a difference. The computer-generated wallpaper is regular wallpaper. Hand painted paper is far more delicate and more difficult to install.  Think of it as getting a Picasso poster vs. a Picasso painting.