Graffito: Wallpaper Graphic Design Far from Graffiti

The Italian word, Graffito, meaning little scratch. It is the singular form of the word graffiti. It references ancient drawings or writing scratched on a wall. This year, Graffito wallpaper seems to be taking the wallpaper world by storm. I have installed Graffito paper in several clients homes within the past 3-4 months. This week I’ve done two installs at different homes in Alexandria, VA. One of my clients opted to also do the ceiling with Kravet Graffito Teal/Pearl/ Lee Jofa wallpaper.

Below is a Graffito wallpaper by Kelly Wearstler. This is her hand-painted design intended to bring movement and texture to a room. Pair it with some abstract pieces of art and Graffito can give your room a feeling of relaxed sophistication.

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