Why Bother With Liner Paper?

The recent popularity of English pulp papers in America, as represented by brands like Zoffany, Farrow & Ball, Sanderson, Osborn & Little, William Morris & Co., has resulted in the resurgence of liner paper. Actually, all of the English papers require lining. Instruction sheets that come with these papers refer to liner paper as cross lining.

Here are five reasons why you should cross line with blank stock liner when using English pulp papers.

  1. You have no warranty from the manufacture if you do not use liner paper.
  2. Liner paper wicks away moisture to reduce staining and tearing on the finish paper.
  3. Liner paper gives you perfectly smooth walls to work on.
  4. Pulp papers tend to expand or contract when they are installed. If the paint under the newly installed wallpaper is unstable, you can have your seams pop open. Liner paper tends to eliminate this problem.
  5. You have no WARRANTY if you do not cross line.

I am frequently asked about the purpose of liner paper. You don’t need it for non-English papers but I do urge you to use liner with English pulp paper.