Murals – Custom Designed

Are you looking for a custom, artistic treatment in your home or office? I can make you a custom mural or wallpaper and install it.  It can be an accent wall, a small or large like this ceiling library in the video – let your imagination run wild and then give me a call, text or email.

Custom Ceiling Murals

Bermuda Murals for Accent Walls

Walking down to Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda
Contact Patrick Shields or 202-744-2890

Map of the Unknown World

This is a custom mural map of the unknown world circa 1600. Hand drawn and hand painted.

Custom Spiral Stairwell Ceiling

Example of a Clockworks ceiling modeled from DaVinci’s notebooks, 15th century

Custom Dining Room Mural

Custom Wall Mural in medieval French style

Custom Dining Room Mural

Dining room mural – 19th century water color wash Mural modeled from an Audubon print.

Custom Baby Nursery Mural

Hand drawn Mural in baby nursery