Preparing Walls for Wallpaper

Preparing your walls for wallpaper is the same prep your painter would do for a good paint job — except with different primer for wallpaper.

Here is the basic process…

  • fill all the holes and cracks with spackling paste or dry wall compound.
  • the large cracks in the corners should be filled with a nylon mesh and the spackle compound to stop cracking.
  • sand everything.
  • spackle everything again to make sure all is smooth with no dents or holes.
  • sand everything again.
  • wipe off the walls with a damp cloth so all dust is removed.
  • roll a coat of wall covering primer, preferably Shieldz pigmented wall covering primer paint manufactured by Zinser sold at Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore stores.
  • If you see ridges or holes after the primer is up, they need to filled again until it is smooth.