Wallpaper’s Test Kitchen: The Powder Room

Powder rooms are the “Test Kitchen” for those of us wanting to experiment with wallpaper. Want to try a new style, a departure from the familiar, something wild? Try it in the powder room. Here are six wallpapers I have installed in the past six months that you and your clients will love in your powder rooms.

Serena & Lilly “Feather”

This ultra popular pattern gives light and a sense of movement but also doesn’t overwhelm. I’ve installed it quite a few times in the last 4 years.

Schumacher’s “Queen of Spain”

Abstract and dichromatic, Queen of Spain was first printed in 1963. The ever so stylish messy brush strokes practically burst off the wall with energy. I’ve done several installs with this paper and have always been impressed.

Schumacher “Haruki Sisal Jet”

Not all striking powder rooms are light and airy. A lot of fantastic new rooms have sophisticated dark and brooding character. Nothing achieves that like the color and texture of a Jet grass cloth.

Scalamandre “Zebras”

Probably Scalamandre’s most recognizable design, Zebras is a personal favorite. I’m a sucker for whimsical animals on my papers and so is Wes Anderson. He featured this paper as a set piece in his classic, “The Royal Tenenbaums.”

Gucci “Heron”

Most people don’t know that one of Gucci’s finest luxury products is wallpaper and one of their finest wallpapers is “Heron.” Described by the Wall Street Journal as, “Unapologetically Feminine.” I unapologetically love it.

Graham & Brown “Rene Nightfall”

Bring a splash of Art Deco in your life with Graham & Brown’s “Rene Nightfall. The gold highlights shimmer in the evening and the pattern makes even the smallest powder room feel as big as the night sky. Can’t recommend this paper enough.

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