Wallpaper Tips

Van Gogh Almond Blossom Mural

Recently, I installed this Van Gogh Almond Blossom painting as a wall mural in a master bedroom in an Alexandria townhouse. The result was amazing. My client ordered it from Sweden. It was custom printed and sized for the wall. And it was very affordable. This is another accent wall option for you.

One piece of advice when ordering a wall mural like this … don’t opt for a mirror image. Everything gets flipped and it will not look like what you saw on the manufacturer’s web site. If you do want a mirror image, because of where you want to install the mural, i.e., around lightening fixtures or furniture placement, be sure to carefully measure. You can also call me and I can help you engineer this.

I’ve been hanging murals and wallpaper for years and I can’t tell you how impressed this new printing technology is. It’s like being able to hire any of the world’s greatest artists to paint a masterpiece in your home.  The quality is really tremendous.

Liner paper is highly recommended when installing on rough walls and paneling. Wallpaper has a tendency to move when the weather/humidity changes. When that happens, popping seams and possible peeling can happen. Installing a paper liner is the best way to guarantee that the seams will not lift.

Like a pad under a carpet or liner on your drapes, its unseen. It’s a best practice with certain wallpapers like grass cloth and rough surfaces but it can be optional. With grass cloth, 50% of my clients use liner paper and 50% don’t. The percentage goes up to 90% when installing on rough walls like stucco or paneling.

If you use liner paper, grass cloth will last for 30 years. If you don’t use liner paper, it all depends on whether or not the homeowner keeps their home humidity low, i.e., uses A/C all summer and humidifiers. So it’s possible there would never be a problem. That’s why 50% of people take their chances with no liner.

Wallpapering over rough surfaces or paneling is another story. If you want to be sure you won’t be fixing seams or corners every few months, it is best to use liner paper.