Walls Dressed to Impress

At first glance, the picture (on the left) may look like a mirror reflection but it is actually a glass door into the home of a lovely Maine Ave condo in Southwest Washington, DC. Small areas like entryways and hallways have plenty of wall space but little unusable space. That’s why these spaces are just begging for wallpaper. My clients did a great job selecting this Missoni Dreamland foil from York Wallcoverings to greet guests in their new home.

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Escape to the Hamptons

2020 is the year of the Staycation and a little Accent Wall can move the mountains or beach to you. This week we installed a one-of-its-kind design by Brooklyn, New York textile designers – Eskayel in a DC Columbia Heights high rise. One of the smaller pieces we’ve installed. This impressionistic take on the Hamptons is printed on a paperweave grass cloth material. It’s like an American version of chinoiserie.

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Installed this English wildlife wallpaper in a small powder room this week in an older Washington, DC home. You get the best of both worlds – the bold statement of a dark colored paper with vivid bright figures in the foreground. Works great in a small space.

If you are considering a dark background paper, I say go for it — but be sure to read my blog post on Dark Background Wallpaper.

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