Dark Background Wallpaper

The House of Scalamandre

There is an important consideration (or warning) to understand before selecting a dark background wallpaper for your home.

Your home literally breathes and moves. When you install wallpaper, it too will move on the walls as temperatures and humidity changes. If the wall is a lighter color than the wallpaper, over time because of this movement, you may see the lighter color start showing at the seams.

This is why we recommend to match the wall color to the background of the paper either at the seam area or paint the entire wall. The other option is to lap the wallpaper with a tipped seam. This option however show seams on the wall.

Hand-Trimming Fine Wallpaper

The only purpose of wallpaper is to make people happy, and people get very happy once they have something beautiful in their house. There are many gorgeous, affordable wallpapers available today. If you need recommendations, text us 202-744-2890 or email us.

Bradbury & Bradbury Victorian Wallpaper

A couple of times a year we get special projects to work on. Upcoming next week is one of our favorite Victorian homes on Capitol Hill in DC. The wallpaper is Bradbury & Bradbury who specialize in hand printed 19th & 20th century wallpapers. The paper designer is William Morris. Victorians knew how to use their ceilings as accent walls and their designs are gorgeous.